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Amidst classic Cotswold countryside, Church Farm has been in the Tucker family for three generations as a mixed arable and dairy farm.  The start of the millennium saw the long cared for dairy herd sold and a new breed of cattle take residence.  Cotswold Wagyu today graze the pastures from early spring and bed down for winter in warm cattle sheds. 


The Tucker 


Cotswold Wagyu is today run by Andrew Tucker - son of its founder, the late Mike Tucker who was the brainchild behind introducing Wagyu to Church Farm. The team includes Andrew's mother Angela, his wife Georgie and even the children get involved with twins Ned and Jack, plus young Millie Tucker often seen out in the fields.  It’s a true and traditional family affair.

The Big Man


A crucial (and very popular!) member of the Cotswold Wagyu Team, our Wagyu bull weighs in at around 0.75 tonne –  impressive for his relatively young age and certainly befitting his field-name “The Big Man”. 

Born on 22nd March 2013, and introduced to the herd from Australia under our embryo transfer programme, The Big Man (pedigree name Newnton Henshin), is a fullblood Wagyu from the very well known and highly respected Fukutsuru line.  His ancestry and genetics are renowned for producing beef with a high marbling score and for producing cows with good milk yields. 

The Big Man is ‘in action’ from the new year to early autumn, with his first calves arrived early 2016, and all showing the promise expected of his bloodline.  He spends most of his days surveying his girls, grazing our fields, or tucked up in our warm winter barns – it’s a tough life!


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